Staying at the dorm

Most of the trainees will stay at „Sázava“ dorm. It’s on the right on the map.

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Sázava: Chemická (Ekonomická) 952, 148 28 Praha 4 – Kunratice

Volha: K Verneráku 950, 148 28 Praha 4 – Kunratice

How to get there. The nearest bus station is called Volha. You can get there by buses 177 and 197 from the Chodov metro station (the red line). At night use 511 night bus which goes from I.P.Pavlova station to the Volha station.

To get to Dejvice, where the Institute of Chemical Technology and IAESTE CTU office are located, take the red metro line from Chodov to the Muzeum metro station and transfer there to the green metro line and go to the Dejvická station.

General information. Most trainees are staying in two dorms of Jižní město campus – Sázava and Volha. Staying in a dormitory room is like staying in a small flat with two bedrooms (usually 2 people share one). You keep your room tidy and clean, wash the dishes and lock the door (room and entry door) when going out. Only thing they help you with is trash. If you leave a bag of trash on the corridor behind the entry door, the cleaner will take it (but please, don’t leave the trash on the outside corridor at Volha).

Sázava. Some rooms in original state, some rooms refubrished. Most trainees are staying in refubrished rooms. Small kitchen common for two rooms (cooker & fridge). You have to have your own dishes.

Volha. All rooms are refubrished. One kitchen per the floor, but fridge for each two rooms. You have to have your own dishes for cooking in the kitchen and it’s strictly forbidden to make parties there.

Linen exchange. You can exchange your linen in the dorm manager’s office (Sázava: big brown door just by the entrance, Volha: basement); at Sázava on weekdays from 7am to 9am and at Volha from 7am to 9am and at different time every afternoon. You bring your linen tidily folded and receive new one. You can exchange your linen whenever you need to and there is no limit on how many times during your stay you do it. It is free of charge. Exact time you could see here.

Laundry. There is a washing machine on every floor. They are reserved (for day) using special reservation system at adress There’s also some washing machines on the dormitories, where you can borrow the keys at the reception and it’s for max. three hours. The washing machines are modern and tell you the time when the washing will be complete.

Eating. There’s a student canteen on the Volha dormitory. It’s open during weekdays except friday 11:00-20:00, on friday it closes at 14:30. It’s closed during the weekend. There’s also a nice restaurant „Blanice“ (see the map). It’s open from 11:30 during the week and from 12:30 on the weekend.
You can also buy a sandwich at the reception of the dormitory.

Checking out. You have to write your name, date and time of checking out at the checking-out list at your dormitory. At Sázava dorm it’s on the second floor near the washing machine. At Volha dorm it’s on third and seventh floor. It’s possible to check out only during weekdays and it’s best in the morning. Before the time on the checking-out list go to the office downstairs and get the yellow paper (available next to the checking-out list) signed and stamped. At the time you’ve written on the checking-out list, the cleaner will come and check your room. If the room is tidy, she will take the key from you and give you signature on the yellow paper. Then you’ll take the bedclothes and yellow paper to the office downstairs next to the exit. If the room is not tidy, she will make you to clean it, so tidy the room first up. If you have to move out during the weekend, contact an IAESTE member.

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