If you want to send a letter or a package there are a lot of post offices and postboxes in Prague. Stamp to send letters abroad costs 20 CZK (you can buy it at the tobacconist’s). Postage for a package depends on its weight. You can receive your mail at dorms. If you receive a regular letter you can pick it up by yourself in the reception box (in Sázava). In Volha they will give it to you at the  reception. If you receive a registered letter your name will be written behind the glass at the reception and the receptionist will give it to you after you provide your ID or your  dorm card. Some types of packages or letters may end up at Chodov post office, but you’ll always get a notification at the reception.

Sázava: Chemická 952, 148 28 Praha 4 – Kunratice
Volha: K Verneráku 950, 148 28 Praha 4 – Kunratice
Pink Palace: Navigátorů 609/27, 161 00 Praha 6

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