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The technical corner – if you have troubles connecting or just searching for a way to call home for cheap, you are on the right page.


Network connection at Sázava and Volha dormitories is authenticated using 802.1x protocol. You need a username and a password which you’ll get in the first days of your stay. Then you need to undergo somewhat cumbersome procedure. Usually an IAESTE UCT member can help you with that. If you have some sort of obscure device or operating system to connect, it may take some time… If you have problems like that, ask for Václav from IAESTE UCT.

Connection from the dorms goes throught a proxy ( port 3128) and is quite limited, so be prepared that your favorite service won’t work…

If Skype or your antivirus update doesn’t work, set the proxy settings in Control panel – Internet settings. If it doesn’t help, contact Václav from UCT.


You’ll probably get a prepaid SIM card of one of czech mobile carriers in your welcome package (or you’ve bought it on arrival). The minute costs about 6 CZK and text message arround 2. You can check your balance by sending *104*# code (for O2) and *146# ( If you run out of balance, you can recharge it with banknotes in the machine at Volha dormitory, buy a coupon at the tobacconist’s (for particular carrier/brand) or in the supermarket. You can also do it online by a bank card at (O2 and Bleskmobil brands) or ( brand). International calls from mobile are quite expensive (it’s cheaper with *55 prefix (O2) instead of „00“ or „+“ – 10 CZK/min to EU). International texts within EU are cheaper from your home sim card in roaming – their price is regulated by the EU. International text from your czech SIM card is for 5 CZK. You’ll have to use +country_code and number without leading zeros to be able to call/text internationally.

O2 data plan can be bought for 50 CZK  (50 MB weekly cap) weekly. It can be activated by texting IVMS (50 CZK)  to 999111 (O2). Deactivation can be done by texting DIVM to 999111. data plan is active automatically. It includes 200 MB for 30 days after topping up 200 CZK. These 200 CZK may be used for calling. Initially, the simcard is sold for 200 CZK with data active for 30 days. After exceeding the cap, speed will drop to 32kbps (Whatsapp&etc. works). You can renew the cap by topping up. Data cap balance can be checked by sending *145#.

There is also a phone in every room at the dorm. You can call inside the ICT network for free. You can find the number for a particular room in the phonebook. If you want to call from Sázava to Volha (or the ICT in Dejvice), prefix the number with prefix 69, from Volha and the ICT to Sázava prefix 7. You can’t call outside from this phone, but you can use some cheap callback/calling card service like odorik. If you are some sort of telco/VoIP fan, the phone can be called with SIP URI from the public internet for free, the xxxx are four digit numbers like when calling from Volha. There are also payphones at both the dorms, but you’ll probably won’t use them…

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