Geting around Prague

The Prague public transportation system is one of the best in Europe. There is even good service during the night (with special lines), so you don’t have to use the (in)famous taxis :)

There are three metro lines in Prague: the green line (A), the yellow line (B) and the red line (C). The metro operates daily from 5am to midnight and runs every 2 to 10 minutes depending on the time of the day.

The tram system includes daytime operation from 4:30am until just after midnight and nighttime operation from midnight to 4:30am; night trams have numbers starting with 5. Trams run mainly in the city centre.

Buses run mostly outside the city centre. Night buses also have numbers starting with 5; they run once in every 30 minutes.

The public transport network also includes local trains.

The transportation authority is called DPP, you can find the journey planner at Or you can use map journey planner at Unfortunantely, it’s not available in English.

But you can download an app called PubTran, which includes a journey planner of public transportation in Prague as well as a journey transport of transportation around Czech Republic.


Tickets and passes

The same tickets and passes apply to all types of the Prague public transport. You can buy them at newsstands, from ticket machines on the stops or you can buy an SMS ticket by sending a text message. SMS tickets can be bought only from Czech SIM card.

  • basic ticket (90 minute) – 32 CZK; or send a text message “DPT32” to 90206
  • short-term ticket (30 minutes) – 24 CZK; or send a text message “DPT24” to 90206
  • 1-day ticket – 110 CZK; or send a text message “DPT110” to 90206
  • 3-day ticket – 310 CZK; or send a text message “DPT310” to 90206
  • 1-month transferable pass – 670 CZK

If you are caught without a valid ticket, you will be asked to pay a fine of 950 CZK, reduced to 750 CZK if it is paid on the spot or within 15 days. Always insist on getting a receipt. If you have left your valid pass at home (only non-transferable ones – UCT trainees – see bellow), you has to pay a 50 CZK fine at Prague 2, Na bojišti 5 (I.P.Pavlova metro station – the red line), where you also have to show your valid pass.

As trainees usually stay for a longer period of time, it is most convenient for them to buy 1-month transferable passes. Trainees of IAESTE Czech Technical University will receive the first 1-month pass upon arrival and the price will be deducted from their first salary. Trainees of IAESTE University of Chemistry and Technology who are employed by the university can also buy student tickets (a 30-day ticket for 260 CZK or a 90-day tickets for 720 CZK), but only after they have received a written confirmation from the university. The written confirmation is usually got on the first day.

If your placement is outside of Prague (in the periphery areas like Řež), don’t worry. We have integrated transport system (PIT) here, so you have to only buy some outer zones or pay the fare (from the last stop in Prague) on the bus/train.

Night lines. There are special lines (trams and buses, numbers 5x and 5xx), which operate only during the night. The last trains of Metro depart at midnight from the terminuses. After it, only the night lines are going. There is a nice map with all the night services here. You’ll probably find a copy in your welcome package, it’s always handy.

Taxi. If you want to use the taxi, it’s better to call the taxi company.
AAA Radio taxi 140 14
City taxi 257 257 257
Otherwise you risk being ripped of by a dishonest taxi driver.

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