Staying in Prague

After you arrive, at first you should arrange the accommodation. In general, IAESTE will take care about it. There are several possibilities of where to stay.

  1. Dormitory „Sazava“ or „Volha“ , for IAESTE UCT and CTU trainees. Two students share one room. Two rooms have a common small kitchen, a bathroom with shower and a toilet. The kitchen equipment is just basic, so do not expect to cook demanding foods (cooker and fridge; if you are lucky your Czech roommate might have a microwave). Washing machines are available in laudry room for free. Your roommate will be most probably a Czech student staying in Prague for summer either to work on his/her thesis or to do a summer job. You may find it handy to know someone local.
    Chemická (Ekonomická) 952
    148 28 Praha 4 – Kunratice
    Arrival: You will get a linen, dorm ID card and keys at the check-in office. You will be asked to show your passport and fill in some documents. IAESTE member will help you with that. Do not worry. :)
    Accommodation is paid by IAESTE and will be subtracted from your wage, so you do not have to pay upon arrival (no cash deposit).
  2. Flat for trainees with a poetic nickname „PinkPalace“ near the international airport Ruzyne, with 4 rooms and capacity for 6 people. This accommodation is meant for longer term work stays (only for CTU trainees).
    The flat is equipped with standard handy items such as a washing machine, iron, microwave, kettle, oven, bed sheets,…
    Arrival: IAESTE member will give you your keys and linen. You will sign the Rental contract and pay the deposit (50 EUR).
    Departure: Wash the linen and with keys give it to IAESTE member. He/She will give you back the deposit.Important: Pay attention to the Rental contract and read it carefully! We will send it to you before your arrival.
    Navigátorů 609/27
    161 00 Praha 6
  3. Accommodation that you arrange yourself. If you let us know in advance (minimum 1 month) that you want to find a place by yourself, we don’t mind. Accommodation is then up to you, your responsibility.
  4. Accommodation arranged by the company. Less common, but it can save your time for travelling to work, if the company is far from Prague.

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