Before you come

Please fill us your arrival details here (necessary code can be found on N5a form). Especially don’t forget to specify accurate times and flight No.s.

When planning your trip, try to schedule your departure on a working day so you can check out from the dormitory in the morning.

Some technical info you probably have heard somewhere… Electricity system
in Czech Republic is 230V / 50Hz one, same as all over the EU. We use “French”
. If you are from farther distance, you will probably need an adapter. Mobile
phone system is mainly GSM on 900/1800 MHz (+ UMTS @ 2100 MHz), so if you have a CDMA handset (usually one w/o sim card), you can leave it at home… If you have handset which is simlocked (esp. from UK), try to get it unlocked (or be prepared to buy a cheap one here).

The Czech Republic is not part of the Eurozone, so we don’t usually pay with euros.
There are some places where they accept euros, but often no big notes. So it’s
always better to exchange euros for Czech crowns (CZK, Kč). Good rates are on Opletalova street, near the main train station.

There is a lot of places where you can use payment cards (mostly from Visa or Mastercard
association), ATMs are almost at every corner in Prague.

During the week before your arrival you will be contacted by IAESTE to confirm when and where you arrive, so when and where IAESTE is supposed to pick you up. We will also send you a phone number and an email address of the person who will pick you up, so that you can contact him/her in case something happens unexpectedly. We suggest you to write this number down as well as a phone number of any other IAESTE member you have come into contact with and the number of your employer if you have it. You never know when these can be useful to you.

Pillows, blankets, bed sheets & etc. are available in either IAESTE CTU Flat or the dormitory and are included in the rent.

During this week we also contact the company to remind it that you will arrive shortly and to ask where and when  we are supposed to take to work for the first time.

You can continue with Arrival.

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