Thank you for choosing Prague for your traineeship. If you are looking for some useful information, you are on the right site.

Upon arrival. An IAESTE member will pick you up at the airport/train station/bus station at the time you have indicated beforehand. If you are too early, please wait until the time you were supposed to arrive. If nobody shows up at the given time, please do not panic and  wait for about 15-30 minutes at the meeting place. Then try calling the person who is supposed to meet you at the number you have received, if (s)he does not pick up try another IAESTE member. We do not mean to frighten you by this information, but it can happen that there is problem and suddenly no one shows to pick you up, so it is best to be prepared :o).

After meeting with the IAESTE member you will receive a welcome package.

If you arrive at Václav Havel airport, somebody from IAESTE will wait for you in the arrivals hall. There are two doors for each of two terminals, „point of no return“ and behind the door you will see somebody holding paper with IAESTE logo.

For arriving at the Main train station (Praha hl.n.), there’s a meeting point marked with  a symbol with concentric arrows. The meeting point is near Burger King restaurant, so if you see it, you are at the right place. It’s the best place to meet, because the station is quite big and usually full of people.

If travelling by bus and arriving at Florenc bus terminal (ÚAN Florenc), the meeting point is near the Burger King restaurant in the new departure hall.

The IAESTE member will then take you to the place of your accommodation – either the dorm or the IAESTE CTU flat and help you to check-in in case of the dorm or fills in with you the rental contract to the flat and gives you the keys. Also (s)he will tell you when you are supposed to come to work for the first time and who from IAESTE will accompany you (it can be the same person or not depends on our availability).

After you come, you must report your stay at the foreign police. This apply only for trainees staying at IAESTE CTU Flat (Pink Palace).

A few things you might find useful during your stay

  • an international student identity card (e.g. ISIC)
  • several passport photos in the size of 3,5×4,5cm
  • a sleeping bag
  • a backpack
  • plugs and adaptors

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